Confidential resources

On-campus privileged and confidential resources

Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine has designated individuals and departments on campus with a professional responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of conversations with complainants, respondents, or witnesses who wish to speak with someone but do not wish to report an incident to the school.

The following departments can provide privileged and confidential resources:

Student Psychological Services
Student Psychological Services (for KPSOM students only)

Employee Assistance Program
Visit the website (for KPSOM students, faculty, and staff only)
Phone: 877-801-5751

Note: While these departments have a professionally required duty to refrain from disclosing information reported to them, there are certain, specific situations in which they may not be able to keep the disclosure private. These situations include:

  • If a person may be a danger to themselves or others
  • If any minor or elder is being subjected to abuse or neglect, including intentional access to unlawful sexual images
  • If the information is subpoenaed for court proceedings

Off-campus crisis and informational resources

The following off-campus resources provide trained crisis response hotlines, support for individuals who have experienced sexual or domestic violence, and other advocacy services.

San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, Sexual Assault Response Team – SART
24-hour medical care, emotional support, and comprehensive exams, including forensic evidence collection and immediate connection to an on-call nurse for sexual assault services
(626) 289-5454; SART Hotline: 877-209-3049

Sexual Assault National Crisis Hotline: RAINN
24-hour hotline: 800-656-4673
RAINN List of National Resources

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Health Rape Treatment Center
Resource for free, comprehensive, treatment for sexual assault victims – adults and children – 24 hours a day
24-hour hotline: 424-259-7208

Peace Over Violence
24-hour hotlines:

Los Angeles LGBT Center
Resources for mental health and intimate partner and domestic violence

Note: The off-campus resources listed above are provided solely for informational purposes. The school does not maintain, endorse, or accept responsibility for non-Kaiser Permanente programs.